Saturday, July 31, 2010

Would you like to be a published artist?

Most successful artists know this truth, their story combined with their passion creates their success which they share with others as a service from the heart.

These artists have a big picture in their minds of exactly what they want to do with the art they create and where they want to go and ARE going with it.

When I was young having had the opportunity to meet some wonderful artists who practice their crafts in many different mediums, inspired me to pursue an art career as well as change my outlook on things. Like the time as a young man one night out on the town dancing with friends I met another young artist and we had a brief conversation about art and being artists. This man told me he wanted to be a famous artist and he was going to be. I asked how he planned on doing that. He told me two important things which I never forgot and that was to “be of service with your art from your heart” and “people understand symbols.” A few weeks later I discovered him again on the street in New York City selling his T-Shirts on the side walk where I had to purchase one. Something inside me told me, he was unique and his t-shirt creation was a special art piece, so I never wore the shirt, just treasured it.

That afternoon we talked more about art at his little table on the street. I left feeling inspired and wanting to paint a picture as soon as I got home. I am thankful for his wisdom everyday and advice to me, which helped my own career in the arts tremendously. Within a short time of telling me those things this artist did indeed see his art career reach phenomenal heights. His name was Keith Haring, and though he left us way too soon his art changed an entire generation and brought awareness to the human condition through the symbols he created. Thank You Mr. Haring!

Are you an artist with a fabulous, uplifting success story to share with the world? Just a few words of wisdom and insight can change an up and coming artist life, no matter who, how old or what culture they come from.

Did you always know deep in your heart you could make it as an artist, painter, musician, actor, writer, dancer, singer, photographer, designer and you have!

You’re an artist who has perhaps overcome challenges in life, broken the artist stigma’s out there, laughed at the nay-sayers and succeeded, thriving and prospering at making your craft into your fulltime vocation and sharing your talents with others, enriching your life and those around in your community. You went for it and you’re a role model for the arts community.

How’d you do it?

What’s your story?

Who inspired you?

What is your vision and mission as an artist?

What’s your one business tip you can share with other artist’s so they too can succeed like you?

If you where to speak infront of an eager audience of young and sincere ears what would you tell them?

I’d like to know your story in under 300 words, and share your insights, inspiration, wisdom and talent and you may be selected to participate in an upcoming publication project.

No sales pitches please in your story, the story will be rejected.

To: Beacon Artworks, with

Your contact information, (email)

Your website link

Your Biography Highlights (5 to 10 of your most significant artistic accomplishments)

One video clip of you, under 3 minutes long, related to your art/story in a link if you have one.

Again: No sales pitches in your story, the story will be not be considered.

Should your story is selected we will contact you and you may then decide to have your website included for people, future clients, prospects, etc. to contact you.

Submission DEADLINE: Midnight September 17, 2010, PST

Please forward this to your artist friends who should be included too!

Contact me through the gallery at:

RD Riccoboni
Artist and Founder
Beacon Artworks Corporation
San Diego California